Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yahoo news: The entire population of the United States went shopping on Black Friday

Per Yahoo! News, 247 million people shopped in person or online on Black Friday.  Given that this number is slightly higher than the number of adults in the US (approximately 238 million, estimated from 2010 census), there was reason for doubt; therefore, they consulted a second study, which found that the number was in fact over 307 million, this time not including online shopping.  That leaves just over 4 million of us who stayed home.  Either illegal immigration is far more widespread than anyone realized, or math is just really hard for some people.

The quote from the CEO of the NRF about BFS is horrific.  OMG WTF BBQ QED.


  1. canadian fuckin border jumpers

    1. if it was canadians it'd be the politest black friday ever, people would be in orderly lines and constantly saying "soory" after trampling over walmart employees