Friday, May 17, 2013

Good: There are fewer fire ants in the US now! Bad: Replaced by "Crazy Ants"

Source: University of Texas

I guess it's natural to wonder if you're adopted but come on has a frequent advice column written by Emily Yoffe.  This column frequently runs somewhat absurd questions, but today's really takes the cake:

Rob Ford caught smoking crack on tape, his lawyer takes "deny everything" strategy to the next level

The headline about covers it on this one.  Someone taped Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack and is now selling it to the highest bidder (for some reason, there is a crowdfunded group attempting to buy it--actually, scratch that, there are at least five crowdfunded groups trying to buy it.  Getting pretty tired of your shit, Indiegogo).  At this point a number of journalists have seen and publicized the video, though the video itself remains unreleased.  Rob Ford's lawyer responded to the allegations, wondering, "How can you indicate what the person is actually doing or smoking?"  Apparently not recognizing the inanity of this line of thinking, he went on to ask, "Truly, what is reality?  Does each of us not create our understanding of the world around us on a moment-to-moment basis, crafting a tapestry of perception that is unique to our own experience?"

Now, I have no clear evidence either way.  I just want to ask one question: does the gif below depict the actions of a man who is not on crack?  I rest my case.

If your desire for bizarre Rob Ford moments continues unabated, you may view a full list here.