Friday, November 9, 2012

Test status: Successful!

Two Republican voters have been arrested for voter fraud, allegedly because they wanted to test how easy it was to get away with.  As they discovered, it's not that easy.  Incidentally, searching google news for "voter fraud 2012" yields seven results about cases where Republican individuals or groups committed voter fraud, two results where Republican candidates who lost are claiming they lost due to voter fraud, one result of John McCain saying voter fraud doesn't actually happen much, and one result of a spider causing voting machine issues.  Based on my findings, concerns about voter fraud can be ranked like so:



Jose Canseco
(Actually, it wasn't Jose Canseco.  It was someone else named Canseco who claimed he lost because of voter fraud.  This picture only came up because google thinks it's relevant to any story about a Canseco)


oh god why
Seriously you guys, fucking spiders are in voting machines.  I'm not voting again until I can vote from a plastic bubble inside my house, with the caveat that someone must personally check the bubble for spiders first.


  1. It is ironic his name was Canseco, if only for this fact:

    1. because of the way google news picks photos for stories that don't have them, that story actually showed up next to that photo, and I got really excited that jose might actually be involved