Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TV interviewers find people with the strangest jobs sometimes

Need help deciding between the Mexican blend and the Monterey Jack cheese for your nachos?  Just ask this guy:

"Why yes, I know a great deal about cheese.  Where you at, ladeeeez?"
Having trouble with an oversized entranceway?  I've got a guy for that:

"I didn't choose the big door life--you could say it's more of a calling, really." 
 What about if you find that your knowledge of adult film history is lacking?  Yes, there's a guy for that too:

"Oh, yes.  1973 was a apecial year for the industry--a real turning point for filmmakers in many ways.  It also marked my own first foray into the genre, an experience which has obviously changed the course of my life."
What if you need--ah, fuck it, you'll never need this guy.

"No, wait--I think you misunderstood.  I'm an expert in kidnapped brides, not an expert at kidnapping brides--where are you going?  Is the interview over?"

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