Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paul McNamara is easily amused by jokes about butts

Paul McNamara of Network World has discovered browser plugins.

Specifically, he has found this plugin:

It's a browser plug-in for Chrome, Safari or Firefox -- posted to Github by someone going by the name panicsteve -- that simply replaces every reference to "the cloud" on a webpage with the words "my butt."

Hilarity ensues.


Now I say hilarity ensues despite the fact that I wasn't willing to install the extension myself. As Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame might say, it's not that I don't trust panicsteve, it's that I don't trust anybody.

So you cracked yourself up just imagining what a webpage would look like with the words "my butt" on it?  That's kind of precious, actually.

And besides, you can achieve the same hilarious effect, 


albeit nowhere near as elegantly, by using the find-and-replace function in Microsoft Word, which I did do

using a recent story written by Network World's in-house authority on all things cloud, senior writer Brandon Butler.

I hate to spoil the story for anyone, but I will tell you this: McNamara finds the result of his Word find/replace efforts to be just the most fucking hilarious thing ever.

The result was seven sentences in which the phrase "the cloud" was replaced by "my butt." Some of the sentences were funny.

Others not so much?  Guess you can't win 'em all, McNamara.

Some were way too funny.

And others, well ... After a few minutes of professional reflection - much of it spent starring at pictures of my kids

I decided I wasn't willing to actually publish the sentences here. Sorry, you'll have to do your own experiments.

So it was okay to tell us about the plugin that inserts the words "my butt" into articles, but actually showing us a nonsensical sentence where it's been done is going too far?

But, if you're willing to go that far for a cheap laugh, I suggest you try one better:

Something involving fart jokes?  They're like butt jokes, but improved!

Years ago - many years ago -

 someone suggested that I take any old Word document and do a find-and-replace on it swapping out every "the" and replacing it with "the f*****g."

A thousand times funnier than cloud-my-butt.

One thousand times the hilarity!  I wish I were as easily amused as you, good sir.

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