Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slate covers all angles of the story

Here is a headline from Slate today:

So, we should watch out for conspiracies surrounding this event, then.  Except, here's another headline from Slate today:

So, it'll either be rampant conspiracies, or the conspiracy theorists (can we just call them conspirators?  Guess that's not quite right...maybe "conspirists" then?) will have a tough go of it.  Maybe it'll be a tough time, but they'll persevere and find ways to piss everyone off with shitty theories about the government.  For what it's worth, Alex Jones (who else?) is already way ahead in the race to be the biggest asshole in the entire goddamn world following a tragedy:

Alex Jones is the fucking worst.  In any case, looks like headline #1 might be closer to the truth.

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